I’m Kristen Stephens: ambitious, clumsy, crafty, open-minded adventurer. There. I think that about sums it up.

I kid. You’ll see throughout this blog that I have a lot of interests. I tend to dabble here in there in a number of things. I follow the ol’ cliche “I will try anything once.” For example, after years of claiming disgust I recently tried Ranch. Though it didn’t stick with me until round two, it was one of the better life-changing decisions I’ve made.

In all actuality, my life revolves around my passions: to create and to lend a helping hand.

Now, down to the heart of it all.This blog’s purpose follows my purpose in life: to open my mind to new people, ideas and ways of life. It’s here to document as I experience and challenge myself each day. Experience and challenge, those really go hand in hand. And my goal is to carry on a conversation with you, dear friends. 

So keep close.



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