Connecting to an Unexpected Home

I met Tanna, the subject of this video, for the first time while I was searching for willing subjects for my photojournalism composition project. Upon our first meet, (sorry we barged in on your study time), I got a little peek into her life and personality. She was an archaeology graduate student writing her thesis on a Buddhist monastery in Batesville, MS. Later, after she accepted the star role in my final photojournalism project, I began to fill in more pieces to Tanna’s life and her connection with Buddhism. More importantly, I found her love of culture was just as strong as my love of culture, and we were both intrigued on how newcomers interacted with different cultures. When we went to the monastery, a place she had grown to love, a place she could call “home,” she walked me through every detail. The people were kind. The buffet of vegan food was unexpectedly scrumptious. The whole experience was amazing!! Thank you, Tanna, for guiding me through a new culture and for helping me have a wonderful experience. It was so much fun!

Hope y’all enjoy the video!

P.S. I’ve been thinking of more content to put up and it is in the works. Blog post blast happening soon!

Keep close,